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Nature of Yoga

Yoga has been around for thousands of years, and it is known for its essential benefits to the mind and soul. It brings physical and mental satisfaction along with creating a spiritual connection. It creates a bond between the soul and the Divine with the practice. In order to deeply understand Yoga, one needs to know nature of Yoga.

Karma Yoga – Path of Action

The karma consists of all the body action (Physical karma) as well as thinking action (Mental karma).

Jnana (Gyana) Yoga – Path of Knowledge

Jnana yoga is the philosophical path of attaining self-realization experience through acquired Knowledge, practice, wisdom, and experience

Bhakti Yoga – Path of Devotion

Bhakti is developing the emotion of devotion, love, compassion, and sacrifice for all beings – Humans or animals & nature surrounding us. Surrendering all these emotions ultimately to the divine is the Bhakti Yoga, the spiritual path of yoga.

Raja Yoga – Path of Discipline

Raja yoga is the source of many styles of yoga we practice today. Another name for Raja Yoga is ‘Yoga of mind’ because most of the practices of it focused on seeker’s state of mind.

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga also consists of Yogic science and the purpose of Hatha Yoga is to bring harmony to the body’s chakras and the energy points which are present throughout the body.

Mantra Yoga

Every mantra is also a symbol of Divinity, and when they are chanted, they help in gaining access to the transcendental realms of complete and comprehensive reality.

AhoDhan Yoga Center

Let it be known to all yoga lovers that AhoDhan Yoga Center is run by experts of yoga under the leadership of yogini Neelam an entrepreneur with the lucid purpose of imparting better health free from all disease and bringing more Mindfulness into the work/life balance which is achievable through regular practice of yoga. Our Yoga Centre is unlike others it comprises latest techniques of yogic science for the sake of maintenance of good health free from all kinds of complications of bodies . Naturopathy accupressure, spiritual awareness as the journey through life becomes more calmer happier and more fulfilled (yogah-Chitta vritti-nirodha). AhoDhan brings you a unique exercise of yoga coupled with meditation in order to develop your health and establish permanent peace of mind.

AhoDhan Yoga Classes

We at AhoDhan are determined to deliver you an ideal yoga experience right in your home. To help you continue with your yoga training in line with the COVID-19 social distancing norms, we have started live yoga classes aimed to keep you in the best of spirits.

It is, therefore, requested that maximum number of interested people may join us for the greater benefit and everlasting health upshots.

AhoDhan Team Members

Our teachers host many years of experience in yoga teacher training, personal yoga practices and also hold their masters in yogic science. They are friendly , knowledgeable and teaches in a manner that is accessible to all students.

Why AhoDhan for Yoga

We continuously evaluate and add supporting elements in the Yoga ecosystem that align the delivery of services to the evolving expectations of customers.

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Our Blog

The practice of yoga has become the talk of the day in India as well as abroad. Yoga is now-a-days of Paramount significance since a career option has grown revolutionary. It is yoga only through which one can achieve high standards of personality development yoga has positive effects on major psychotic disorders like depression schizophrenia and sleep problems yoga and han sir's emotional and psychological instincts of keeping the fascinating personality the high pressure lifestyle of today has led to an unprecedented rise in the stress levels consequently the requirement for qualified yoga therapist has become indispensable in numerous countries to meet the demand today a large number of health conscious youngsters are being attracted to yoga benefits of stupendous upshots.